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International Collaboration

Based on the macroscopic philosophy of "based on Ilan, looking at the world" and "academic globalization and serving localization", the department has actively conducted many substantive academic cooperation programs and exchanged visits with famous international institutions since its inception. The Department also attaches great importance to students participating in international exchange activities and actively encourages postgraduate students to submit their contributions for participation in academic seminars both at home and abroad so as to increase the opportunities for international academic exchanges. In addition, to further enhance students' international horizons and understand the current mainstream research directions in the world, we have also invited well-known foreign scholars to hold short lectures to meet our students on a regular basis. This department also has short-term international students visiting and studying with graduate students in this class helps to improve students' foreign language ability. Our teachers are also actively seeking international and national seminars to increase students' international horizons, research capabilities and experience of holding large-scale seminars.

Related information:
  • September 2017: Prof. Wang, Huangcheng, Department of Education, is supported by the Ministry of Education's TEEP @ India project and is expected to invite three Indian students to our department to conduct a four-month short-term study
  • September 2017: Our Department's Qiu Jianwen Visiting Italy International Symposium Circularly Polarized Tag Antenna on an AMC Substrate for Wearable UHF RFID Applications
  • August 2017: The Department of Hu Huizu teacher and graduate students to Moscow, Russia to participate in the International Symposium ICICM2017 published a paper
  • August 2017: Xie Jianyu, a faculty member and graduate student, goes to Tokyo to participate in the International Symposium IASTEM published a paper
  • June 2017: The Department of Lu Ruqiang teacher went to Thailand to participate in the International Symposium ICATI2017 (International Conference on Advanced Technology Innovation) published a paper
  • April and June 2017: Professor Zheng Xiuying was invited to visit Putian University in Fujian Province of Mainland China for academic exchange and exchange.
  • February 2017: Two students from LNMIIT (LNMIT) in India went to the department to conduct research on the Internet of Things under the guidance of Associate Professor Zhang Jiren
  • September 2016: India Techno India Two professors from the University of Technology should be invited by our associate professor Zhang Jiren to visit our school and sign an agreement with sister school
  • September 2016: Two Indian students, Jennifer and Jaishree, attend the Masters Program.
  • September 2016: The Department of Hu Huizu teacher and graduate students to participate in the International Seminar in Prague, Czech Republic 6th International Conference on IT Convergence and Security (ICITCS) published a paper
  • August 2016: Prof. Wang Huangcheng, Professor and Dean of the Department, was invited to visit Jaipur LNMIIT in India for academic exchanges and academic exchanges
  • August 2014: Our Qiu Jianwen teacher goes to Guangzhou to participate in the International Symposium AMC for UHF RFID on-body Applications
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(Exchange photos with Indian classmates)

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(Participating in the TEEP@India program, Poorna Sriram and Hema Ganesh of Veltech chatted with local graduate students of the department.)

(Exchange with Tongji University in China)

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(Guo Fangzhang teacher went to Cape Town to participate in international symposium published papers)
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(Lu Ruiqiang teacher to Thailand to participate in international symposium published papers)

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(Graduate students in this international seminar)

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(Students of this department participate in the International Sensor and Microcomputer Innovative Application Contest)