Shiow-Jyu Lin
Full-Time,Associate Professor
Name Shiow-Jyu Lin
Job Title Associate Professor
Email sjlin@nctu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. 06-3032121轉57781
Fax +886-39369507
Office Room 515, 5F, Building of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Personal Website https://goo.gl/5SduW2
Research Expertise IoT applications, Intelligent Computing, FPGA Circuits Design, and Video & Image Processing
Teaching Field IoT core Technology and Application, Embedded system Theory and Applications, Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra
Educational background PhD in CSIE, National Taiwan Normal University
Responsible for laboratory Intelligent signal and information processing Lab(iSIP Lab) Room 410B
Willingness to accept/advise graduate students Yes, please contact me via email in advance.
Office_Hours 14:00-15:00, Mon at E515
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Book Chapter :
  1. Shiow-Jyu Lin, Kun-Hung Lin, and Wen-Jyi Hwang*, "FPGA Implementation for GHA-Based Texture Classification,"  Chapter 9 of the book Principal Component Analysis, Edited by Parinya Sanguansat, InTech Publisher, 2012.
Year Lab Title Location
2013 Intelligent signal and information processing Lab, iSIP Lab Room 410B
Country School Name Department Degree
Taiwan, R.O.C. National Taiwan Normal University, NTNU Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, CSIE PH.D.