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About ECE

The Department of Electronic Engineering offers bachelor and master degrees in advanced learning. The department features 3C - computers, communications, and consumer electronics and puts no restriction on the physical strength or gender of students.

       The three major areas of the department are:

  • Semiconductor and integrated circuit (IC) design. The emphasis is on analog and digital IC design and development, particularly in the areas of wireless communications and digital signal processing. Other topics of interest include semiconductor modeling and manufacturing.
  • Communication and signal processing. The main focuses are on fiber-optic networks, wireless mobile communications and related high-frequency circuits. Next-generation mobile communication, RFID, high-frequency antenna design, video-audio compression, and signal processing IC design are some of the key topics of interest.
  • Computing and networking. In line with technological trend, topics of recent interest include internet of things, cloud computing, data analytics, network protocol, artificial intelligence, performance analysis, APP design, among others. Convergence of computing and communication also provides ample opportunities for exploration.

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