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(Poorna Sriram from Vel Tech sharing her TEEP experience at NIU)


Built on the tenet "rooted in Yilan,ctivities  embracing the world" and "academic globalization, service localization", the department has actively conducted many substantive academic cooperation programs and exchanged visits with renowned international institutions. The department encourages students to participate in international exchange aand graduate students to submit their contributions to international conferences so as to increase international exposure. In addition, to further enhance students' international perspectives and understand the current mainstream research directions in the world, we have also invited distinguished foreign scholars to give short lectures and advise our students on a regular basis. Faculty members have submitted research proposals to sponsoring agencies jointly with scholars affiliated with foreign universities. The department also organizes, in conjunction with Office of International Affairs, short-term international student visit and exchange. Interaction with local students is encouraged to promote mutual understanding and global thinking. 

News Flash

  • July 2018:Congratulations to Meng-Yang Li, a sophomore of the department, for winning Silver Medal in International Shing-tung Yau College Student Mathematics Contest (CSMC)  held in Beijing in the area of Analysis and Differential Equations.
  • July 2018:Congratulations to Jennifer and Jaishree for passing the oral defense of Master degree. 
  • May 2018: Congratulations to Jami Hema Ganesh, TEEP@India participant from Vel Tech, for being admitted to the Insitute of Communication Engineering Master Program, National Tsing-Hua University, Hsin Chu.
  • May 2018: The department held a farewell party for TEEP students.
  • March 2018: Students from three universities in the state of Kerala, India, led by Prof. Saju and Prof. Jose, arrived at the department for a week-long visit and academic exchange.
  • March 2018: Mr. Yuan Guo, an exchange student from Beijing Jiaotong University, was admitted to University College London for academic year 2018.
  • February 2018: NIU was awarded more than 54 million NT dollars for the Higher Education Deep Cultivation project by the Ministry of Education, including funding for international collaboration.
  • January 2018: TEEP@Inida students arrived at the department.
  • November 2017: Graduate students Jennifer and Jaishree attended DNCOCO'17 Internaltional conference and presented papers in Bern, Switzerland. 
  • September 2017: Prof. Hwang-Cheng Wang won the Ministry of Education's TEEP @ India project and will invite three Indian students to the department to do short-term research for four months starting January 2018.
  • September 2017: Prof. Chien-Wen Chiu presnted a paper on Circularly Polarized Tag Antenna on an AMC Substrate for Wearable UHF RFID Applications in an International Symposium in Italy.
  • August 2017: Prof. Hwai-Tsu Hu  and graduate students flew to Moscow, Russia to participate in the International Symposium ICICM2017 and presented a paper.
  • August 2017: Prof. Jian-Yu Hsieh and graduate students flew to Tokyo to participate in the International Symposium IASTEM and presented a paper.
  • July 2017: Wei-Hsu Wang, a graduate student working with Prof. Chien-Wen Chiu of the department, attended the 2017-ICISPC International Symposium in Penang, Malaysia, and presented a paper entitled "A Low Profile Printed Quadrifilar Helical Antenna for Handheld UHF RFID Reader".
  • June 2017: Prof. Ruei-Chang Lu went to Thailand to participate in the International Symposium ICATI2017 (International Conference on Advanced Technology Innovation) and presented a paper.
  • April and June 2017: Prof. Shiou-Ying Cheng was invited to visit Putian University in Fujian Province of Mainland China for academic exchange.
  • February 2017: Two students from LNMIIT (LNMIT) in India came to the department to do research on the Internet of Things under the supervision of Associate Professor Jie-Ren (Daniel) Chang. 
  • September 2016: Two professors from Techno India University were invited by Associate Professor Jie-Ren (Daniel) Chang to visit the department and signed an agreement of cooperation.
  • September 2016: Two students from India, Jennifer and Jaishree, joined the graduate program of the department.
  • September 2016: Prof. Hwai-Tsu Hu and graduate students participated in the  6th International Conference on IT Convergence and Security (ICITCS)  in Prague, Czech Republic and presented a paper
  • August 2016: Dr. Hwang-Cheng Wang, Professor and Chair of the Department, was invited to visit LNMIIT, Jaipur, India for academic exchanges and potential collaboration.
  • August 2014: Prof. Chien-Wen Chiu went to Guangzhou to participate in an International Symposium and presented a paper on the use of AMC for UHF RFID on-body Applications

​Photo Gallery

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(Prof. Wang with faculty members of ECE department,  LNMIIT)

Farewell party for TEEP students Poorna and Ganesh of Vel Tech
(Farewell pizza party for TEEP students Ganesh and Poorna of Vel Tech)

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(2018 Winter school)

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(The Times of India, the largest English-language newspaper in India, reported on the Winter School @ NIU program co-hosted by the Electronic Engineering and Food Science departments.)

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(Jennifer and Jaishree, two graduate students from India, celebrating birthday with department faculty and students [left];
Students from India on a short visit outside the lab of Prof. Jie-Ren (Daniel) Chang [right])

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(TEEP@India program participants Poorna Sriram and Hema Ganesh of Vel Tech having lunch and chatting with local graduate students of the department)

(Faculty and students from Tongji University, Shanghai, with faculty and students of the department)

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(Prof. Fang-Chang Kuo presenting his work at an international conference in Cape Town, South Africa)


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(Prof. Ruei-Chang Lu attending  ICATI  conference in Thailand)
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(Prof. F.C. Kuo [left] and  Prof. H.T. Hu [right] attending conferences with students)

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(Graduate students Jennifer and Jaishree attending international conference in Bern, Switzerland)

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(Prof. Jian-Yu Hsieh and graduate students presenting research results in IASTEM international conference)

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(Students Li Huang and Hong-Han Lin displaying awards won in the International Sensor and Microcomputer Innovative Application Contest (Left] and their work [Right])